reArmenia is an online platform created to bring people together to collaborate and solve existing problems in Armenia or faced by Armenians around the world.

Here you can become a caring reArmenian—create your own project and support the others with your knowledge, expertise, network, and funds.
We empower and unite Armenians to become a caring and collaborative community dedicated to transforming Armenia into a just and flourishing nation.
As a result of the 2020 Artsakh War, we were trying to determine the root cause of our failure. We came to the conclusion that the main problems were our division and lack of effective collaboration.

The next step was to come together to create a platform that would provide  a transparent collaborative environment for all of us. The creation of  reArmenia itself is an excellent example of effective collaboration - a  number of individuals and organizations worked together to realize the  platform's idea.
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Our People
We are a team of enthusiasts engaged in designing and building the reArmenia platform. We work together to create a caring and collaborative community and support people who are willing to act to make a difference.
Looking for volunteer opportunities?
You are in the right place! Volunteers are always welcome at reArmenia. Come join our team, gain knowledge and experience from our specialists while  having your contribution to Armenia’s revival.