Our Impact
We believe that sustainable growth can help strengthen communities, improve quality of life and serve as a foundation for building a better future.

Thus, all the projects presented on reArmenia support specific charitable goals intended to improve life in Armenia.
Smart Giving
All donors wish to find a platform that fully ensures their donations are effective. So, why the very reArmenia?
Regular updates from projects and reports from reArmenia keep you informed of the project’s progress and results.
Genuine Fundraiser
Our Trust and Safety department thoroughly reviews all the projects to ensure they have a 0% probability of fraud.
Great Impact
A thorough review of each project ensures that the problem exists and the solution is effective before the project is presented on the platform.
0% Commission
Donations made to the projects are fully directed to their implementations. reArmenia receives 0% commission.
Our Impact
reArmenia has experienced lots of success since its launch, and continues to build on this progress.
successful collaborations & fundraisers
AMD donated through the platform
caring reArmenians
All the projects undergo due diligence review before going live on reArmenia to ensure they address an existing problem, the team is capable of solving it and the solution is effective.

Have a suitable project? Why not present it on reArmenia?
Vardan Marashlyan
Co-founder and CEO of Repat Armenia Foundation
I express my full support for the reArmenia platform. It combines different factors that are so important today for successfully engaging the Diaspora. It's about professional and patriotic team, project selection effective strategy, and transparency.
Ani Baghdasaryan
Creator of the Let's Play the Piano project on reArmenia
Based on my experience I can say that the huge work of the reArmenia team  in a short period of time brings effective results, uniting like-minded  people and bringing patriotic and culture-based projects to life. Over the  years, I've had a desire to create a colorful and modern learn to play piano  handbook in Armenian. Thanks to successful collaborations on reArmenia my  dream came true, and the handbook continues to be successfully distributed,  proving the effectiveness of the initiative.
Hayk Hovakimyan
Founder of Repat Riarch
The collaboration of the Armenians around the world, the development of  horizontal ties, the enhancement of the atmosphere of trust, and our  involvement in the destiny of our country are the main conditions for the  existence of the Armenian world. That's why reArmenia is so important today.  It's a powerful tool in the hands of every conscious Armenian who is ready to  take over responsibility for the future of their people. Today we need to  reconsider our abilities of working together. The 21st century is a century  of technology that will help us overcome all the obstacles of the past.
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