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Computer + (version 4)

Computers for region's talents

Aramayis Maragryan

And so, we start the fourth stage of computer assembly for the talented young people of the regions. In the previous 3 stages we have already collected and delivered 30 computers.



Do you know how many talented young people we deprive of rapid growth, how many benefits our economy does not get, when we "do not remember" them today ․․․

How many companies like Picsart or other Unicorn startups (with a market value of $1 billion) we could have today if 10 years ago we would provide the youth living in the regions with computers?

One of the main reasons why children and teens don't get professional education is because they don't have computers. Statistics shows that only 15-20% of the best students have computers, and the others either have smartphones, or don't have any devices.

According to the statistics, in 2021-2022 the project helped to provide devices to people living in the Armenian regions, and about 59.4% of those who received computers have already got remote jobs, so they wont' have to leave their towns and villages. In this way, the helps to solve the demographic problem that is a significant challenge for Armenia.

Existing or potential partners and collaborators

ARMATH Engineering LaboratoriesStudent Home NGOVOMA NGOReal School VanadzorZartnir NGOTeach for Armenia projectBardzunk NGOKoghb FoundationWe are all united by a vision of our future․ They all help identify talented children / young people, engage in volunteer work, assess needs and priorities, as well as maintain or transport computers. We have a wide range of cooperation with the mentioned structures outside the computer program.

We are inspired by children's faith and motivation, join us.


How can we collaborate?

Below we are presenting a list of 10 talented young people from the Armenian regions who need computers, new or used. They were chosen according to their social status, interests, active participation in community development and volunteering.

Minimum laptop requirement: Intel Core i3, 4gb ram + ssd

Edik Mikayelyan, Vayots Dzor region, village Malishka, 15 years old. He is an active volunteer in various NGO. He is the founder of the Learn Time educational project. The main goal is to develop the community by developing. He is interested in graphic design, but he needs a computer to express his creative thoughts.

Svetlana Msryan, Aragatsotn region, village Partizak, 16 years old.

Currently, she is engaged in volunteering, and the lack of necessary resources which do not let her acquire new skills. The computer will give him the opportunity to engage and work in several programs at once.

Gulvard Margaryan, village of Bandiva, Shirak region, 17 years old, is engaged in active volunteering in various NGOs, is a student of Armat engineering laboratory, implements various activities in the community. His main goal is to contribute to having a strong homeland through his own work.

Mariam Javadyan, Syunik region, Kapan city, 18 years old.

Active volunteer both in her city and in MEM. She also participates in variety courses and webinars. The absence of a computer slows down her work.

Gayane Badalyan, Maghavuz village, Martakert region, Artsakh, 13 years old. A student at TUMO, she is interested in and studies graphic design, but she needs a computer to express her creative thoughts.

Manana Hakobyan, Artsakh, Norshen village. An active girl is 15 years old. Now 10th grade future journalist, interested in project management, SMM, attended sports, ethnographic dance for about 4 years, attends Armat. Participated in school automation bell project, illustration of entertainment center opened next to library. The lack of a computer prevents him from doing full-time work.

Liana Madoyan, Shirak region, village of Megrashen, 17 years old her main interest is science. She dreams of becoming a programmer, but she cannot fulfill her dream by phone.

Malvina Simonyan, Lori region, Vanadzor city, 16 years old. He is a volunteer at Vanadzor Technological Center, he is also interested in marketing, he studies at, he is a future programmer, he is engaged in self-education. Its main goal is to develop and develop the community.

Mariam Kosyan, Lori region, Mets Parni village, 17 years old. "Armath” engineering Laboratory is one of the active young people of her village who is interested in programming. As we know, in order to move forward and achieve success in the field of programming, you need technique, which Mariam lacks.

"Ari" anticafe, Javakhk, Damala village. One of the children, 16-year-old Mariam Sahakyan, participating in a grant organized by the Awesome Foundation Javakhk, had a winning idea and created an anti-cafe for young people in the village. And it needs a computer.

The project description

The project Children of regions is a social-educational NGO, through which the children of the regions get acquainted with the territory of Armenia through visits, communicating and making friends with their peers. Within the framework of the program, it creates other opportunities for the population of the region to acquire multidisciplinary knowledge, skills, connections.

The project objectives:

  • Contribute to the expansion of teens and young people worldview education
  • Contribute to the decentralization of Armenia's development
  • Use the potential of the Diaspora and increase Network.

Contact person name

Aramayis Margaryan

Social Care

Computer + (version 4)

Computers for region's talents

Aramayis Maragryan