May 19, 2022




Have a project in mind and need collaborative or financial support?

Did you know that you can create a project on reArmenia? We will help you make it successful by sharing the knowledge you need for your campaign because reArmenia is a collaboration platform. 

Here is some of our top advice for writing a successful fundraising campaign..

It is very important that you choose the right project title. Pay attention to the project description content and make it easier to read.

It is also important to attach a detailed project budget, and besides, you could include a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on your project page.


Have you ever thought about how the titles of movies, books, or any other publications influence our decisions? Try to remember which movies you select, the book you choose from hundreds in the bookstore, or when you consider supporting a certain project.

You choose the ones that capture your attention, spark your interest, or elevate your mood. On the other hand, when you see something uninteresting, unappealing, or just plain boring, you turn the page, turn away, or simply forget what was even written.

Meanwhile, the title may hide a specific message that doesn’t find its addressee. What does this mean? The influential title makes us stop and draws our attention to it.

Do you want to draw people's attention to your project, so that they choose it out of many other projects and learn more? If yes, then let’s move on.

An attractive title is here to do just that. It will grab the reader’s attention and give a brief preview about the project. Eventually, we make our decisions based on emotion.

-So, what do you think?

-We should spice up our campaign title with a word that evokes emotions.


It would be great if you create a title that is short, impressive, and saves the reader’s time (3-5 words or so). 

Examples of influential titles:

  1. New Page for Our Heroes

  2. Knowledge for the Better Future of Children from Syunik

  3. The Educated Generation is a Guarantee of a Strong homeland

  4. Greenhouse for the Wounded Officer

  5. Read and Play in Vaghuhas


Text is our main language of communication with potential donors that helps us convey our ideas. Thus, the project description should be clear and easy-to-read.

Keep it short. In the 21st century, time goes faster, and potential donors are busy people. It’s best that you briefly present the strongest points of your project.

Ideally, your campaign’s description will take  2-3 minutes to read -  you will convey your main points while minimizing the reader’s time, thereby maximizing (potential) interest. 

Short introduction. As a preface, one-two precise sentences will be enough to give our supporters an idea of the project and provoke their interest. Besides, it is important to target the reader's emotions, so we can use certain emotional terms.


The problem. We must describe the project problem emotionally, clearly and completely, and show some examples explaining why this problem is relevant, and why it must be addressed.

The solution. We then explain how we are going to solve the problem, present the implementation stages, methods, and all other relevant details.

The result. We must show the social aspect of the project, the influential people who joined it, or the results that will inspire potential donors to join and become a part of the outcome.

After all, we are social beings and our decisions are greatly influenced by public opinion.

The impact. Next, we have to talk about the impact the project will have on the country, any project-related field, any group, or even an individual, in case the campaign succeeds. If the project achieved any notable results at any point (e.g., reached 50% of the fundraiser goal), these milestones ought to be highlighted.

It’s a good idea to ask a colleague to read over your draft to identify any overlooked details and errors...


A good piece of advice from Hrant Matevosyan…



When people say, “It doesn’t look good to me,” it means that they do not like it, but they don’t specify why.The same can happen with a project’s text. If sentences pile up without considering visual or topic organization, the text becomes difficult to read. 

Content ought to be presented in a user-friendly way. Sentences should be organized into short paragraphs.  Bullet points, when appropriately used, are an orderly way to present a list. Paragraph spacing helps a reader transition from one paragraph to the next with ease. 

Though the content is identical, the second text improves readability by including spacing and bolding an important phrase. Consider the following two texts: 






Do you agree that trust is built through transparency?

When information is not hidden or suspicious, everyone collaborates and is satisfied. Because the reArmenia collaboration platform includes a project’s detailed budget and planned expenses in its campaign description, potential donors will gain confidence and trust in a project’s legitimacy and transparency. 



At the very end of a project’s page, it is useful to have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that can address the top questions that donors and/or supporters may have.

By answering these questions, you will save time and retain the interest of potential donors. Doing so may give them the opportunity to make a prompt decision to donate on  the spot.

Wishing you the best of luck.. Continue to follow along and we will continue to share useful tips and ideas that will help your projects on reArmenia excel.

By the way, a strong example of a successful project is the MOONQ TechnoSchool in Artsakh. Here is the project link: