Dec 4, 2023



Did you know that Facebook fundraisers initiated from Armenia raised more than 1.5 million dollars annually?

When scrolling through your Facebook newsfeeds, you have probably noticed at least one fundraiser addressing one of these:

  • treatment of children or adults with various health problems,

  • providing educational opportunities to children,

  • animal health and their shelters

  • and many more…


However, Facebook has announced that personal fundraisers will no longer be available for individuals and for-profit organizations starting November 1st, 2022.

Previously, it was possible to open personal fundraisers on Facebook and raise funds (including from Armenia) through Armenians living abroad. But according to the new Facebook update, this will no longer be the case.

This update does not apply to non-profit organizations. Still, it would be impossible to create a fundraiser in Armenia. Even before this latest Facebook update, Armenia was not included in the 30 countries from which a fundraiser could be created.

What are our options if we do not have this opportunity?

Armenian alternative: reArmenia offers a solution...

reArmenia is an innovative technological solution designed to facilitate the implementation of projects (including fundraisers) aimed at solving the problems of Armenia. It’s an online collaboration platform.

*All those who once created a personal fundraiser on Facebook can fill out an online application and submit their projects to reArmenia by including a link to a previous Facebook fundraiser in the appropriate field.

As a project creator, you can do the following on reArmenia:

  • Carry out fundraisers without any commission. Donations made to reArmenia projects are fully directed to their implementation. The reArmenia platform charges 0% commission, unlike Facebook (1.5-3%).

  • Submit your projects and get accelerated approval. reArmenia has developed an accelerated project approval process for those individuals and organizations who have previously created at least one project on the platform and have gone through the team verification process (approval duration: 3 days on average).

  • Receive the raised funds in a short time. Donations made to the fundraisers presented on reArmenia are transferred to the project creators within 3 business days after the fundraising campaign ends.

Here’s something more to consider:


There are no geographical limitations for starting a project on reArmenia. Individuals or organizations from around the world can create their projects here.


Before a project appears on the platform, it goes through a thorough screening process to ensure that the problem really exists, the solution is effective, and the team is capable of implementing it.


Donors are kept up to date on project progress and outcomes by receiving regular project updates and reArmenia reports.

So many advantages in one place! Join the reArmenia caring community by creating your own project or supporting others with knowledge, experience, network, and finances.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with the reArmenia team!

Tel. +374 55 956 956

*To ensure the continuity of reArmenia’s activities, please subscribe to monthly donations here.