What is Corporate Philanthropy?
Corporate philanthropy refers to the activities and investments that companies voluntarily initiate to go forward managing their impact on society. The investment of time, money, and other resources of your company can make a real difference in the communities.
Benefits of Corporate Philanthropy
Positive Work Environment
Increased Employee Engagement
Positive Brand Image
Strong Customer Relationships
Our Offers
reArmenia Corporate Philanthropy Programs enable you to create real value with your social-impact efforts!
Matching Gift Program enables your company match the employees' donations to specific projects on reArmenia, maximizing your impact.
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Corporate Gift Cards
We offer personalized gift cards featuring your brand for you to appreciate your team members and partners by giving them a giving opportunity.
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Corporate Volunteering Programs enables your employees to donate “time” (volunteer) to projects on reArmenia and your company matches their time with “money”.
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Corporate Giving Strategy
Building your Corporate Giving Strategy provides you with opportunities to learn more about the causes you care about, and over time refine your giving to achieve maximum social impact.
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Hunting Program includes finding projects like charities or causes that align with your company philanthropically, and help you to have a positive impact on the society.
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Use reArmenia Vetting Program to screen and evaluate all the projects you are going to support against their usefulness and cost-effectiveness to eliminate further risks.
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Create your own kind of reArmenia with us
We envision a world, where people collaborate effectively and care for each other.

Therefore, we share the results of our challenging journey in uniting and empowering Armenians and bring about positive changes not only in Armenia but also around the world.
Platform as a Service
The process of building a platform like reArmenia saves you time and money allowing you to focus on your business’s core activity.

We have embraced the following four important directions that serve to our mission.
Crowdfunding - Raising financial resources from the community for important causes
Crowdsourcing - Getting needed physical and human resources from the community
Investment - Enhancing investment opportunities for businesses
Collaboration - Collaboratively finding solutions to important problems
How does the program work?
1. We understand your needs
You provide us with all the requirements you wish for your website to have.
2. We create a website for you
We develop and create the platform in accordance with your brand and requirements.
3. We continue to maintain the platform
Our team continues to provide technical support and update improvements on reArmenia into your platform.
Create your kind of reArmenia!
Corporate Gift Cards
Appreciate your team members and partners by giving them a giving opportunity. Corporate Gift Cards enable them to donate to any project on reArmenia 'close to their heart’ and bring positive changes.
Personalized gift cards featuring your brand
reArmenia Gift Cards can be customized with your logo and branding. Although we currently offer e-Gift Cards, our team can also create custom-looking physical Gift Cards for you.
How does it work?
1. We get to know your needs
Contacting us, you provide the details of your desired Gift Card.
2. We create Gift Cards specifically for you
Our designer creates the Gift Cards that meet all your requirements.
3. We send the Gift Cards via Email
We email the Gift Cards to your team members or partners.
4. They redeem the Gift Card
Getting the e-Gift Card, they redeem it to support a project on reArmenia.
Deliver happiness to your professional relationships!
Our specialist will contact you to discuss the details like how many gift cards you would like, what the occasion is, etc.
What is Volunteering Program?
Within corporate volunteering programs your employees are encouraged to donate time towards community causes.

They donate “time” (volunteer) to any of the collaboration projects on reArmenia and your company matches their time with “money”.
How is this program beneficial for you?
Have a better engagement with employees
Enhance your business’s charitable reputation
Develop the skills of your employees
Two birds with one stone
Through this program, your employees can volunteer for the collaboration projects on reArmenia that require human resources for implementation.

Simply define a time frame and the amount of money for their involvement, which will be donated to one of the fundraisers.
Searching for volunteer opportunities?
Give your employees even more room to grow encouraging them to make a positive impact!
Corporate Giving Strategy
In many businesses, giving back to their communities is an integral part of their company values and culture.

How a company gives back is often the question of its strategic goals. So, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to maximize the benefits of your program without a strategy.
Shift you focus to your objectives
Having set your objectives, a giving strategy outlines how you will achieve your goals — your focus areas (cause and geography), how engaged you want to be as a donor, the types of organizations you want to support, and what kind of funding you can offer.

Focused giving provides you with opportunities to learn more about the causes you care about, and over time, refine your giving to achieve maximum impact.
Let’s build your Strategy together!
If you want to get started, our experienced team is ready to help you define and execute your charitable strategies and align your philanthropy with your brand.
The vetting process is commonly used by companies to screen and evaluate the proposed projects against their usefulness and cost-effectiveness to eliminate further risks.
Our Kind of Project Vetting
Analyzing the project concept, we identify its problems and goals, assess the project-solution plan’s effectiveness and the team’s skill level.

As part of our vetting process, we also evaluate the budget for accuracy and make sure that risk management plan identifies and responds to risks effectively.
Get the most of your CSR choosing right projects
Let our skilled professionals handle the vetting of your proposed initiative, saving both your time and energy.
Project Hunting
Philanthropic responsibility is how socially responsible companies contribute to society and spend their resources to make the world a better place.

And it’s often challenging for these companies to find CSR projects that completely align with their strategy.
Make your strategy work with right projects
Choosing the right CSR project for your company is not an easy task, but when choosing the right one, your brand can become a way more successful.

So provide our team with your project requirements, be it its category, implementation region, beneficiaries—you name it, and we’ll definitely be there for you.
Let’s hunt the very project that meets your CSR needs.
We can assist you in finding projects that align with your company philanthropically, and help you to have a positive impact on the society.