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Personalized E-Card
Receive a heartfelt e-card from the HayaSat-1 team as our thank-you.
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Exclusive Mission Swag
Get a limited-edition mug or t-shirt with a design symbolizing Hayasat-1's unique mission.
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Online Wall of Supporters
Your name will be prominently featured on Hayasat 1's virtual wall, a digital space where we celebrate and honor the individuals and organizations who have played a vital role in making this mission a reality. Your name will shine brightly alongside those who have shown their unwavering support, leaving a lasting legacy as a crucial contributor to the success of Hayasat 1's mission.
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VIP Launch Access
Attend the satellite launch at Bazoomq lab and watch Hayasat 1's virtual flight via SpaceX live-stream. Experience the thrill of space exploration up close by joining us at the Bazoomq lab for an exclusive opportunity to witness the momentous launch of Hayasat 1. Feel the ground rumble as the rocket propels our satellite into the cosmos, and be part of history in the making.
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Boarding Pass
Secure your place in space history by having your name engraved on Hayasat 1's microchip. Your name will embark on an extraordinary journey beyond our planet, etched onto the very vessel that will explore the cosmos. This is not just a ticket to space; it's a testament to your unwavering support for scientific advancement and space exploration.